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Current and recent projects include:

  • Government

USAID (United States Agency for International Development) - we recently completed the first phase of a government aid project aimed at improving the competitiveness and enterprise development of the furnishings industry in part of Eastern Europe.  This initial phase required in-country meetings with government, industry associations, trade show organizers, manufacturers, retailers and strategic material suppliers.  This was followed by submission of a comprehensive report on the current state of the sector, SWOT analysis and recommendations for improvements which are currently being implemented.

We also recently completed the second phase of this project which included additional in-country work, meetings with government and industry leaders to present the findings of phase one and organization of a trade mission to Moscow.  During this phase, we convinced the country's manufacturers to resurrect a long-dormant trade organization.

The third phase of the project has been delivered and included organization of a trade mission to Germany, sales and marketing initiatives and development of new product categories.  We presented the country's first furniture consumer market research study which will assist the industry in adapting to local consumer needs.  We advised the sector on using the results of this research to increase sales.  One of this phase's other objectives is organizing participation in foreign trade shows as a means to increase exports.

We've delivered the fourth phase of the project which provided for training seminars on business management and international product trends.  During this phase, we also provided one-on-one consultations to several industry members as well as the office of the Prime Minister.

  • Sales & Marketing

Flat Pack Casegoods - we were asked by a large Chinese manufacturer to assist with their North American sales and product strategy.

Leather Upholstered Furniture - one of China's largest manufacturers asked us to consult on-site to assist in reorganization of their international sales and marketing efforts and establishment of a global sales agent network.  We also assisted with their raw material sourcing and buying, product development, cost accounting and systems implementation.

Leather Upholstered Furniture - we were asked by an Italian-based manufacturer to assist in design and implementation of a new global sales and marketing strategy.  The result was a significant downsizing of their Italian organization with a shift of manufacturing to Eastern Europe.  The resulting cost savings and improvements in efficiency have made their product offering much more competitive.  We also assisted in their first entrance into the German furniture market.

Casegoods, Bedding and Leather Upholstered Furniture - we assisted a large Chinese manufacturer in an overhaul of their sales and marketing strategy as well as consulting on improvements in product development, raw material purchasing and product cost accounting.

Automobile & Furniture Leather - a large European and South American leather tanning group asked us to assist with design and implementation of a new sales and marketing strategy and improvement of their product development efforts.  One of the many positive results of this extensive project was receipt of contracts to provide leathers used in BMW automobiles and entrance into a totally new and lucrative product category.

  • Seminars

Furniture Management by KPI's - we were asked by USAID to prepare a training seminar instructing furniture manufacturers and retailers how to monitor and improve performance thru best in class key performance indicators.

Leather Characteristics - we were asked by Ford Motor Company Europe to train their interior materials buyers and managers in consumer expectations from upholstery leather in order to improve cutting yields and customer satisfaction at Ford, Jaguar, Volvo and Land Rover.  Presented in Coventry, England.

Global Furniture Trends - we were invited by USAID to research, prepare and present a training seminar on the latest international furniture/furnishings trends.  The presentation included materials, functions, size/proportions, colors, fabrics, etc.

Using Consumer Market Research - we were asked by USAID to train furniture manufacturers on how to implement positive change based on results of the first research conducted into furniture consumer behavior in the Republic of Moldova. 

Automobile Leathers - one of the world's largest automakers requested a presentation on similarities and differences between consumer tastes, desires and fashion trends in furniture leather and that used in car interiors.  The project included traveling to Europe for the presentation.

Leather Cutting - we were asked to research and host a panel discussion on current and future leather cutting processes and technologies.  This event was held in Italy.

The Position of Italian Leather Tanners in the Global Market - we were requested to speak before an international audience during an Automobile Leather conference in Spain.

China's Future in the Global Furniture Market - we were asked to make a presentation on this subject during an international trade show in the US.

The Way Ahead for India's Furniture Industry - we were asked by India's Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts to advise furniture manufacturers on global opportunities to increase exports during an April 2012 trade show in New Delhi

  • Product Sourcing

Finished Leather Furniture - we were asked to identify new sources for a US-based furniture wholesaler/distributor.  Their initial thoughts were to source in China, following the recent trend.  After our consultation, we were able to place this business with an Eastern European source, offering the client competitive prices, outstanding quality and significant logistical advantages.  The resulting product is sold throughout the United States at more than four times the volume initially projected by the client.  We also assist with product development.

Cut and Sewn Leather Furniture Covers - we were asked to assist a major tannery in researching the best international venue for producing covers.  At the end of the project, it was determined that Eastern Europe offered competitive advantages over more traditionally used locations.  The result was a new factory established by a customer of the tannery, currently serving clients in Europe and North America.

Finished Leather Furniture - we were approached by a leading Australian furniture chain to assist in identifying a new source.  This was one of our first projects.  We placed the business for them several years ago and the relationship between retailer and supplier continues today.

Leather - we were asked by a major Asian furniture manufacturer to assist them with finished leather sourcing.  We took them to Europe, introduced them to the sector's top suppliers and helped negotiate initial orders.  We also identified and began relationships with two of Asia's top suppliers.  All these relationships continue today.

  • Human Resources

European Furniture Sales Manager - we placed a respected and experienced veteran with a sector-leading furniture manufacturer that had previously not sold into Europe.  The results were immediate and dramatic.

Product Development Manager - we recruited and placed a seasoned expert with a Chinese furniture manufacturer that required expertise in creating products for export.

Production Manager - we recruited and placed an experienced Italian plant manager for a major European furniture manufacturer.  The project was to organize and open their first plant in Asia.  The plant is now in full production and quality is equal to that of the producer's European facilities.

  • Manufacturing

Leather Furniture - we were asked to create and implement new production systems for a major high-end manufacturer.  In a short period of time, we helped change their purchasing methods, incoming material inspection and reporting, material storage systems, leather cutting and upholstery methods, and construction standards.  The benefits were signifcant, immediate and lasting.

  • Trade Shows

Marketing - we are currently advising one of the industry's major furniture trade shows on improving their marketing through focusing on the precise needs of their exhibitors and visitors and assisting with their efforts to recruit major targeted international exhibitors.

Space Negotiation - we were asked to attempt renegotiation of an exisiting trade show space contract  This project resulted in a savings to the client well into the seven figures as well as a liberalization of many of the other contract terms.

"Coming to America" - we are frequently asked to assist in location and negotiation of trade show space in the various major US venues.  We are working with a major Asian casegoods manufacturer on their first North American showing.

  • Investment Banking

Due Diligence - we were asked by one of the largest and most respected international investment banks to assist in their analysis of a major investment in Latin America.

Due Diligence and Evaluation - we have just completed assisting one of America’s largest international asset management firms with their due diligence and evaluation of a major potential acquisition.  This involved not only the acquisition target but also analysis of the supplier base.

Evaluations - we are frequently asked by investment banks and mutual funds to comment on the situation and health of companies which they currently hold or are considering as investments.  The companies of interest are located throughout the world, as are the bankers and fund managers.

M & A - we were asked by a large, listed global player to help them identify and approach potential acquisition targets as a means to grow their existing business more quickly.  The first target on our list has been approached, is willing to be acquired and negotiations have begun.

  • We've provided services in:

North America - Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, USA

South America - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

Europe - Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Moldova, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK

Asia - China, Hong Kong, India, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

Pacific - Australia, New Zealand

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